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August 16 2017

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July 05 2017

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June 12 2017

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Twin Peaks

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May 31 2017

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Famous artwork in Europe
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May 18 2017

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this is important!
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May 15 2017

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Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland in 1955

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May 12 2017

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egon schiele.
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May 05 2017

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Theodore Roosevelt's diary the day his wife and mother died - “The light has gone out of my life“
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“Man, sometimes it takes you a long time to sound like yourself.”

—Miles Davis

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April 29 2017

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April 28 2017

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April 27 2017

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“I don’t want to leave.”                                             Lost in translation (2003) dir. Sofia Coppola 

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April 26 2017

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my next life
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The Central Nervous System, containing the brain and spinal cord.

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